A Really Nice, Powerful Clipboard Manager


Clip AngelDespite Windows being 30 years old, Microsoft still hasn't improved on the basic clipboard functionality that was introduced in the 1980s. You cut or copy something, and then you paste it somewhere else. Cut or copy again, and the single entry in the clipboard gets overwritten.

Clip Angel changes that, and does it very well. You'll find it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/clip-angel/ and it's a 2 MB download. VirusTotal claims it's free of malware, and Web of Trust regards the site as reputable.

Once you've installed (or not - there's a portable option too) Clip Angel, you can add multiple items to your clipboard. Scroll through the entries to find the one you want, then hit Enter to paste it. You can even edit the entry before you paste. And you can paste text into the CMD.EXE command line too, if you are a command prompt user.

Clip Angel is useful, and free. Definitely worth trying out.

Note that the program's author is Russian, so when you first install it you'll find 2 demo items of text in your clipboard, one of which says "This is my first clip" in Russian. If you're not a speaker of that language, just hit Delete to remove it.

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Comparison table with analogs http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/5585/22BZAE.png

Does not work in Windows 7: "Requires .Net Framework 4.52 (Windows Vista+/Server 2008+)"

Can you describe details (error text or screen)? Have you installed .Net framework 4.52 before start?

No error messages, nothing happens. I read the reference to Vista + as meaning it does not work on earlier versions of Windows. I don't know what .Net 4.52 framework is, or how to tell if is installed. There is a .Net 3.51 SP1 on the computer.

I added direct link for download in Readme.txt. Here it is https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=42642

Odd, I tried to install using your link and get this:
.NET Framework 4.5.2 or a later update is already installed on this computer.
I then looked in the registry (now I know how) and found Net framework 4.6.01055

And now, tried 1.17 and it works. No idea what problem was - thanks.

Nice find : ) I've been through no end of clipboard managers for something that suits my needs, this one seems light and stable so far.

It appears to lack image preview but I can live with that and maybe there's some setting somewhere that I missed.

About image preview. Due to small row height only left top fragment 100x20 pixels is shown in each row of list without resize. Whole image resized to fit clip panel (right part of window) is show for current clip. Can you describe your ideas about how to make it better? For now I have only one idea - to show tooltip with image of clip under cursor, but it can be annoying due to it's big size and changing position.

Hi, thanks for your reply and for a nice piece of freeware : )

When I first tried your program I saw no graphic previews at all, just locations the same as in the left hand pane. After experimenting a bit further though, I've found that graphic previews are shown for jpg files from my hard drive but not if I right click and copy an image in Firefox. For png files on my hard drive, ClipAngel shows previews for some but not all. It's not a big issue though, it's not something I would use often anyway.

The preview as it is, now that I have found it, is fine. No need at all to change that in my opinion.

I did wonder though, is there or could there be, a button to show/hide the right hand preview pane and only display the list? I know I can resize it but a toolbar button or hotkey would be handy.

In 1.18 added image preview generation for html clips without text

Now I understand that you are talking about images in HTML clips. They can have many ways of linking to binary data. That's why some of them are shown always. some are show for a while (from temp files) and some are not shown at all. Many factors may influence this behavour. So if you want reliably copy image from browser you have to execute "Copy image" command in the context menu of image or capture it directly with screenshot capture soft.

Clipboard Help+Spell is very good too:


As long as ClipX works in the latest Windows, I see no reason to change.

If your current clipboard manager satisfies you then no need to waste time trying every new one. I made Clip Angel because none of existing satisfies me. I tried about 30 of tem and my top 2 were: AceText and ClipDiary. I am coder/developer. So my most actions on PC are related to writting code.

I tried several and the tool I liked most is RClipStep. So easy and practical (and free)

CLCL works perfectly for me, Cheers harrym! Only thing is, how do you get it to autostart with Windows 10?

That's ace, many thanks pal.

Not sure if it's just me being dumb but this simply does not do anything that I can see. I can't fathom how it's supposed to get the clipboard contents into it, nor how you get them back.
If you cycle through the options tabs it gives an exception handler error and closes.
Maybe it's me...

Are you speaking about Clip Angel? If so, I would appreciate if you describe your crush in detail.

Been using Ditto for years http://ditto-cp.sourceforge.net/#Change History

Ditto is really technically good, fast and light. But it has minimalistic non-standart UI and some other issues for me...
I tryed to begin using Ditto many times in last 10 years but unreliable execution of Paste command in non english input language kills my attempts every time. So my Clip Angel was done with big attention to reliability, compatibility and conveniency of main functions - find the right piece of data and send paste with it.
I could not find in Ditto way to quickly switch on/off word wrap. Clip Angel has many hot switches (tool buttons) allowing quick change many combination of modes.
Ditto UI requires to manually switch focus to filter field by pressing TAB to begin filtering. Clip Angel does it automatically - pressing UP/DOWN/PgDown/PgUp you select clip in list and in the same time pressing symbol keys, Backspace, RIGHT/LEFT, ... you change text filter.
I could not find how to turn on HTML rendering in Ditto. Clip Angel has good support for HTML rendering with switched on "Native formatting" mode.

Exactly. Ditto surpasses any other clipboard manager. This is one of my most heavily used utilities.

The best is still CLCL : http://www.nakka.com/soft/clcl/index_eng.html

Some people like minimal UI. CLCL is the best for them.
Other like speed, fuctionality and then minimal UI. Ditto is the best for them.
I am not from those 2 groups. So I made my Clip Angel =)